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SEO (search engine optimization) means to optimize a website in a way that it ranks high by driving traffic on the search engines.

There is a lot of buzzword about SEO and in a crowded digital world it is challenging to gain visibility for your website, business, or blog. How do you reach users that are actively looking for what you do?

Below we will go through some of the basic questions on SEO:
What is SEO?
What are the different types of SEO?
How does SEO work?
What are the benefits of SEO?

Introduction to SEO:
SEO is a process of optimizing a website so that it ranks higher in the search engine result pages by increasing the amount of traffic on the website. SEO is one of the important parts of digital marketing and considered the best way to attract viewers to web pages.

For the success of your website, it is necessary to work according to the rules of Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO services will increase the ranking of your website on the internet. Search Engine Optimization is an essential tool for the promotion of your website online because it increases the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.

• Increased Traffic
• Cost-effective
• Return of investment (ROI) is more
• Site usability increased
• User-friendly
• Brand-Awareness

What are the types of SEO?

1. On-Page SEO:
On-Page optimization is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization. It refers to optimizing websites and content for a targeted keyword. On-page SEO includes adding proper keywords and headings, ensuring content quality, and paying attention to several other technical & coding factors.

Search engines compliments websites with high-quality content by showing them up in their ranking schema. On-page search engine optimization includes all those steps and measures that can be taken directly from the website in order to upgrade its position in the search rankings.

Our On-page SEO services include:

• Page Titles
It is one of the most important parts of On-Page SEO. In on-page SEO our team creates crisp and short page titles to connect with the users of your website.

• Meta Tags
Each page in a website has a set of keywords in the form of meta tags. Search engines analyze the meta tags in order to compare the keywords with the visible content.

• Internal Linking
On-page SEO includes optimizing the internal & external outbound links for search engines and your visitors. The internal links can be used as the most functional weapon in a wide array of SEO tools.

• URL Structure
URLs are added on your web pages. It shows the hierarchy of the information on the page. The URLs with targeted keywords perform better and give effective results

2. Off-page optimization
Off-page SEO refers to all the activities which are done to increase the ranking of your website, outside the actual code or design of your website. Link building forms a major part of the off-page SEO that helps in increasing the authority of your website as well as promoting your website. Off-page SEO is an external process. There is nothing done inside the website and it is performed outside the boundaries of your website.

Our Off-page SEO services include-:
• Article Submission: This is one of the most important parts of off-page SEO. We write and submit articles to various websites to get the quality backlink to your web page. We submit articles on high authority websites related to various domains which increase the visibility of your web page.

• Directory submission: Similarly directory submission is also done to increase the visibility of your website. We submit your website to local as well as global directories, helping people to find your business easily. We have a list of top web directories across the globe for directory submission.

• Blog Posting: We also provide blog posting and commenting services, it helps in getting good quality backlinks from related websites and it attracts users to your website.

• Google map: We submit your website to Google map and create and verify your company profile. Google business listing is done so that people searching for your business locally can find your company.

3. Enterprise SEO
Enterprise SEO includes the same basic search engine optimization activities that apply to "regular" optimization, but with different strategies. Because of the large scale, size, and complexity of the client organization and the client's website itself, the execution takes an entirely different approach.

When a global company has different websites in different countries, or when it has numerous local websites, SEO execution becomes exponentially more complex, enterprise SEO requires a completely different approach.

Our Enterprise SEO services include

• Keyword selection- The enterprise SEO begins with smart keyword selection. In enterprise search engine optimization, we select high-tail and medium-tail keywords that make good categories and subcategories and can be combined with other words to make long-tail queries.

• Template optimization- The next step is to create templates for the website. Templates are code that contains HTML, Javascript, and CSS. They contain hooks, little code snippets. A template will have all the proper tags (meta description, image, machine-readable markup) so you do not have to optimize one page at a time.

• Constant generation- Creating and publishing quality content is instrumental to enterprise SEO and a company blog is one of the best ways to bring visitors to your site. All kinds of content including videos, images, and text can be utilized here.

How does SEO work?
Search engines send crawlers to seek out new and updated content and follow the links on these sites to seek out more content. This information is stored in an index, an enormous database of all the content they have discovered and deem deserve being shown as results. When someone runs an inquiry query, search engines scour their index for the foremost relevant content and rank it so as to how closely it can solve the query.

For an internet site to achieve success, it must be crawl-able and indexable. There are a variety of ways that you simply can make sure that Google bots find your important pages. A crawler must be ready to discover your content from links across the online, and a path of links within your site to guide it from page-to-page. You will also add "schema codes" as instructions to look at search engines on how you would like your website to be treated. Finally, to make a decision on relevance and ranking - search engines use algorithms - a formula by which indexed information is retrieved and ordered. These algorithms are constantly updated to enhance search quality.

What are the benefits of SEO?
We recommend that each business invests in SEO. Ignoring SEO for your website will cost you a great many opportunities for growth. Here are some key benefits of SEO:

a. Low investment
SEO is way less costly than paid efforts of advertising. You will not have to pay PPC and may use your marketing dollars elsewhere. It is true that many users ignore ads and only click on organic links. So, SEO is a reasonable growth strategy with endless results.

b. Return on investment (ROI) is high
SEO is long-term in nature, you will keep reaping the advantages over a period of your time. Since the users that visit your website through organic results will have a better intent to shop for, it will cause growth in sales. SEO features a better conversion rate than paid ads also and results in better ROI.

c. Increased traffic
People are checking out your products and services actively. SEO pulls within the highest quality traffic since it gives people what they're trying to find as against pushing products or services on to them. This traffic features a higher propensity to convert and can cause sales and growth.

d. Increase in Quantity of Relevant Traffic
Over a period of your time, you will begin to ascertain a rise within the volume of relevant traffic that reaches your website. Investing in good SEO practices will aid more people to get your content and products, resulting in a gentle growth in traffic.

e. Build Trust & Credibility
Once your website features standing on Google, people tend to trust it more. Nobody wants to attend a university that doesn't have an honest website or hire a service provider with no ratings or reviews. If you are at the highest of the SERPs, it will increase your brand awareness and credibility.

f. User-friendly experience
As your click-through rate improves, time spent on your website will increase and your bounce rate will decrease. SEO forces you to possess a secure, secure, fast website - leading to improved user experience and better engagement.

g. Stay before the Competition
All your competitors are performing on growth strategy - SEO is simply one among them. so as to remain before your competition, enhance your digital presence, and grow your market share. performing on your SEO can assist you to stand out from the gang. SEO also can give smaller companies a foothold on larger companies.

h. Avenue for Growth
SEO may be a great investment - it's another way to grow your business. It can usher in thousands of tourists within the future. A multiplier effect occurs with increased traffic - spiking conversations, recommendations, and ultimately growth. It can assist you to enter new markets and gain market share.

i. Access to Valuable Data
You will have access to customer and competitor behavior once you start performing on your SEO. Understand what your audience is trying to find, consumption patterns, and availability within the market can serve to drive your business strategy going forward. you'll easily measure your sources of conversion, website rankings, and what adds the most value to your business - which may feed to your next steps.

j. Permanent Results
The results through SEO are permanent and provide returns over an extended period of your time. Even as it takes time to maneuver up rankings, it also takes time to alight. It is imperative that you simply keep an eye fixed on SEO performance though, and consistently put in efforts to take care of and grow your rankings.

We have recounted the many benefits of SEO. It is a smart investment to make if it's growth you're after. When a global company has different websites in different countries, or when it has numerous local websites, SEO execution becomes exponentially more complex, enterprise SEO requires a completely different approach. AdNet is a leading SEO company in India to work on a website and make it SEO friendly. As we know, Search Engine Optimization is a long process as it requires a constant investment of time and effort. We will work according to the needs of your business and take it to new heights.

We have a team of specialized workers website developers & designers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, SMM (social media marketing experts), SMO (Social Media Optimization) experts who help to optimize the website according to the user's need. For best search engine optimization services our team uses various SEO and Digital Marketing techniques which will help you generate traffic on your site. We will identify the best keywords for your business to get top position in SEO results. We has worked for numerous projects for our clients in India and abroad. We offer result-oriented SEO services at affordable prices and with higher customer satisfaction.

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